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Settle Down

Here is the long-awaited and highly-anticipated first single from No Doubt, “Settle Down.” It’s 6-minutes of fun, funky, and  fresh goodness that is sure to explode on radio and iTunes.

Settle Down

A new 14-second high quality snippet of No Doubt’s new single “Settle Down” has made its way to the internet. Is a leak on its way? E! is premiering the music video on Monday, and they have become notorious for leaks. Just ask Lady Gaga about it.

In the chorus, Gwen sings, “You can see it in my eyes, you can read it on my lips. I’m trying to get a hold on this. I really mean it this time and you know it’s such a trip, don’t get me started.”

Update: listen to even more of No Doubt’s comeback single below. The verses sound amazing.

Frank Ocean releases Channel Orange

Frank Ocean releases his studio debut album Channel Orange. If you already love Frank Ocean, you do not want to miss this. If you’ve never listened to Ocean, there’s a good chance you’ve come upon his music. He was featured heavily in Kanye West + Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne. He also wrote a number of songs on Beyoncé critically-acclaimed fourth studio album 4. You don’t want to miss them gem.

1. Start
2. Thinkin Bout You
3. Fertilizer
4. Sierra Leone
5. Sweet Life
6. Not Just Money
7. Super Rich Kids (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
8. Pilot Jones
9. Crack Rock
10. Pyramids
11. Lost
12. White (feat. John Mayer)
13. Monks
14. Bad Religon
15. Pink Matter (feat. Andre 3000 )
16. Forest Gump
17. End

Purchase on iTunes HERE